Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESP Studios?

ESP Studios is a full service design resource provider delivering solutions for design professionals looking for quality service, high-end computer technology, and the necessary technical expertise conducive to creativity. We deliver a complete package of services that aid in the design process. We merge the necessary technology with the art of live production design, creating an environment specifically to produce accurate, photo-realistic 3-D computer simulation of any entertainment event. Throughout the design process, full length digital video and still images of any view, any scene, any cue, and any camera position can be generated along with all mechanical engineering and electrical plots.

How does the simulation process happen?

The process begins with a set of absolute constants (building, site or venue mechanical dimensions and details). These details are used to create a true-to-scale 3D computer model of the venue boundaries. Once the basic model is constructed, it is transferred to our render engine where visual FX are added (lighting fixtures, lasers, pyro, video etc). When the entire environment with all elements are complete, the project is loaded into the real-time simulation system where all of the control systems are integrated (lighting desk, show control, etc). The result is a 3D immersive display of your event reacting to all control commands in real-time. Programming and viewing can now begin just as if you were on site with the entire production at your fingertips. A variety of output archives are possible including digital video, still capture scene-by-scene high-resolution color laser prints and large format mechanical plots.

What are the primary benefits of using ESP Studios?

The ultimate benefit is the ability to visualize, design, engineer, edit, and produce any event prior to it actually happening. That means saving money and time while enhancing creativity and complexity in programming and content creation. ESP Studios possesses the expertise needed to prepare your file, so you can focus on the creative process.

Do I need to have computer graphic skills to use ESP Studios?

Not at all, just an imagination. Our staff of highly talented artist / engineers will handle all of the computer tasks for you. If, however, you do want to do some of the work yourself, we are happy to grant full access to the systems to qualified persons.

What if I already have a 2D / 3D CAD of my venue or show site?

We can work with nearly any CAD or modeling computer files. You supply us your file, then we add the visual elements you desire and finish creating the environment for you. This obviously saves considerable cost and time on your simulation project.

Do you have mobile capabilities?

Yes, we do. In fact, we can preload your show and ship our mobile unit anywhere you want, allowing you to program at the venue, a hotel room, or even in the privacy of your own home. If you wish, we can also provide a Pre-Viz technician to be onsite with you.